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Introducing our law firm
Fabian Cretu Law | Avocat Bucuresti

Fabian Cretu
Law Office

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Business Sectors


Civil and Commercial

With various expertise, confirmed by our professional background and experience, our legal support in civil and commercial matters takes many forms: from litigation to consultancy and documents review.


Tax and Administrative Law

We offer our clients a strong blend of both trial and substantive tax and administrative expertise. Hence, we assist and represent all taxpayer during all phases of a tax or administrative dispute, including audits, administrative appeals and litigation.


Labor Law

Our clients benefit from our cost-efficient legal expertise in meeting all employment and labor law requirements as well as in managing personnel relations.


Day-to-day Matters

We value our clients. As such, we serve as their general legal counsel and are their first phone call – no matter the legal issue at hand.

We apply creativity, innovation and outside of the box thinking in legal strategies.

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

Fabian Cretu Law | Avocat | Bucuresti
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