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Important amendment to the "Calamities" Order No 97/63/2020 issued by MADR

Droughts have become a recurring event worldwide for many years. Countries without nationally installed irrigation systems are naturally the worst affected. This includes Romania.

For this reason, a series of regulations have been adopted to support farmers whose crops have been totally or partially damaged.

The reputed drought of 2020, which has shaken Romanian agriculture to its foundations, led to the adoption of Order No 97/63/2020 and the related regulation. The declared aim of this act was to create the regulatory framework for managing emergency situations caused by meteorological phenomena resulting in severe soil drought.

To this end, following written notifications from the affected farmers, damage assessment committees were set up by order, authorised to issue damage assessment reports.

It should be noted that these notifications and the damage assessment reports are essential documents for the affected farmers to obtain APIA subsidies.

In the Official Gazette No. 697/12.07.2022, Order No. 190/12.07.2022 amending the "calamities" Order was published to allow farmers to clear land earlier, facilitating their preparation for the establishment of the next crop.

More specifically, areas of land for agricultural use occupied by agricultural crops established in the spring of 2022 and affected by soil drought, for which farmers submit written notifications, may be harvested or reseeded even before the date of drawing up the report on the establishment and assessment of damage to agricultural crops.

Agricultural producers are required to identify the affected crop, the physical block and the plot/plot of each crop and to maintain a buffer zone/marker area of at least 5% of the area of the physical block and plot/plot of the affected crop, which shall be made available to the damage assessment committees for the purpose of completing the report.

Unfortunately, this year again there are some areas of the country which are severely affected by drought. For example, according to the Vrancea Cereal and Technical Plant Growers' Association, there are areas cultivated in spring in this county that are even 100% affected. Consequently, farmers with affected crops should take into account the new changes.

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