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Our clients are diverse. Our varied industry experience, coupled with the commitment to our clients to provide ongoing and proactive advice, allows us to anticipate issues and address them before they become a problem or distraction.

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The legal issues of civil and commercial nature are perhaps the most widespread in practice, whether we are discussing of a company or a natural person. 


Our assistance in civil matters covers multiple aspects of a judicial and non-judicial nature such as: contractual disputes, tort actions, inheritance disputes, controversy over property rights and other real rights, as well as drafting and reviewing of contracts, business negotiations, etc.

In commercial matters, our legal support takes many forms: corporate litigation, including disagreements between shareholders, drafting and reviewing corporate documents, formalities before the Trade Registry Office and other competent authorities, insolvency assistance and disputes (e.g. liability actions against the administrator/shareholder, proceedings to annul fraudulent acts concluded during the suspicious period, challenges against debt tables), consumer related issues etc.

Our various expertise is confirmed by the professional background and experience gained during the years of activity, as well as by the academic career held by Mr. Fabian Cretu, currently a PhD student and university assistant.

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It’s the end result that matters. From obtaining EUCJ preliminary rulings to closed doors settlements with the tax authorities, we embrace our clients’ businesses and guide them down the most favorable and cost-effective path. We have the bench strength to tackle litigation of any size and complexity in nearly any jurisdiction your work takes us.

Tax controversy is a highly technical and specialized area of legal practice, so you shouldn’t have to rely on general litigators. 


We are trial attorneys with a strong blend of both trial and substantive tax expertise, as well as high knowledge of all administrative law proceedings and represent all types of taxpayers during any preliminary procedures or litigation. We analyze your matter and provide you with a thorough breakdown of options and likely outcomes.

Our regular and ongoing services include: 

  • Assistance during all type of audits;

  • Assistance and representation in challenging any type of administrative decisions (individual or regulatory in nature);

  • Assistance in all administrative procedures prior to court;

  • Representation in court, including at higher jurisdictions;

  • Preventive agreements with the tax authorities;

  • Assistance in any kind of request/notification addressed to tax administration or any other state authority;

  • Assistance in the tax collection phase and in executive procedures.

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The Romanian rules on employment and labor law place heavy demands on employers. Even if your company has a strong and qualified HR department, there will be situations where you need extern legal advice. The correct advice or sparring ensures that your company complies with the most recent legislation in the field. 

Our focus is on your need for cost-efficient legal expertise not only to protect you in court, but help you develop procedures in-house that can head off litigation. 

We collaborate with your team to understand your business and produce creative solutions that protect you and your employees. When litigation becomes an issue, we bring to the table an exceptional level of insight and experience to bear.

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Every business needs a trusted legal adviser. From incorporation to dissolution, experienced and skilled legal counsel is mandatory to the success and protection of every company and its ownership.

For many clients, we serve as their general legal counsel and are their first phone call – no matter the legal issue at hand. On any given day, we may advise clients on the negotiation of a new service agreement, debt recovery, management decisions, transactions or any other business matter.

Upon specific needs, we team up with qualified specialists such as tax or business consultants, experts in order to provide the best integrated services or to elaborate opinions or expertise to substantiate our client's position during certain proceedings or negotiations.

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